05 December 2022

The Duty blog season 1 ending

As the year comes to a close, so does our blog series for this season.

Raluca Rusu
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Season 1 is coming to an end with this last post, and we can already tell you that we enjoyed sharing with you different tips on topics that are close to our hearts.

If you missed them you can find them here, so you won’t be bored while we’re gone:

Although we’ve been posting for a while now, we’ve decided to put our foot down this year to offer you a more regular format on specific topics mostly related to our main activity, software development, and remote work.

We enjoyed this adventure, and we don’t intend to stop here, so a second season is planned for the beginning of the new year. This will allow us to share even more content with you, with more and more interesting topics while trying to make the format evolve as well

Until then, a short break is necessary to give us time to find new interesting subjects and new concepts to share with you. We will think about different ways to make this evolve, but also analyze what we have published so far to understand what you like the most. The goal is to continue to entertain you while giving you many tips and allowing you to discover new things that you may not be familiar with yet.

If you have any suggestions for us, don’t hesitate to send them to us by comment or private message, we will be happy to exchange them with you!

We hope you enjoyed following our publications over the weeks and that you will continue to do so next year.

Happy Holidays to you and see you next year!

Always on duty, Duty Team


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