28 June 2022

Entrepreneurs drive significant change, yet they are always criticized

It takes a lot of effort to start a business.

Raluca Rusu
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It takes a lot of effort to start a business. Anyone who tells you that it isn’t is either lying or has never begun one. The hours are long, the sacrifices are tremendous, and every day seems to bring new issues and obstacles. If you lack the mental strength to deal with these challenges, your company may crumble quicker than it started.

Entrepreneurship certainly isn’t for everyone. But how can you know whether it’s right for you? You should begin by asking yourself what it takes to be a leader because you will be performing the most of the work up front on your own. If you can’t lead yourself through startup, you won’t be able to lead your company or future workers through development and success.

One reason that could explain the bad reputation of entrepreneurs is media representation. The majority of Hollywood’s business films which focus on high finance place illicit or unethical behavior at the center of any successful operation. My generation was raised with Wall Street (trading) and Glengarry Glen Ross (bullying), then moved on to Boiler Room (fraud) and The Wolf of Wall Street (drug intake). The story of Facebook’s development, The Social Network, is a study of social dysfunction and rich-kid mental disorders. The Steve Jobs drama vanished into a more psychoanalytic tunnel. The entertainment sector of the world’s most outspokenly entrepreneurial nation tends to pathologize businesses and this is what the general audiences see.

But not all entrepreneurs do these things.

Some of them are indeed very passionate about their business and possess valuable qualities.

They are leaders.

A leader wins his team’s trust and respect by displaying strong work characteristics and confidence, then fostering an environment that spreads these values across the team. A leader who no one will follow is not a leader at all.

They are highly self-motivated.

Nobody progresses by sitting back and waiting for things to come to them. Successful individuals go out into the world and use their activities to make real change. Leaders often love difficulties and will work relentlessly to overcome problems that arise. They often excel at helping their teams evolve with them by encouraging them toward new objectives and possibilities, and they adjust effectively to shifting conditions without unraveling.

They are willing to fail.

Successful entrepreneurs are risk takers who have all overcome one major barrier: they are not scared of failure. That is not to suggest they go with reckless abandon. In truth, entrepreneurs are frequently successful because they are calculated and capable of making the best judgments in even the most difficult situations. They realize, however, that even if they make the greatest decision possible, things may not always go as planned and may fail in any case.

Final word

Entrepreneurs like a good challenge and want to win. They would have to, since starting a business is one of the most difficult obstacles a person can face in their lives.

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