01 November 2022

Staying active while working remotely

If you work from home on a daily basis you might have noticed that your interactions are limited. On top of that, if you live alone, your daily interactions are even more diminished. It is important for you and your mental health to stay active, so you can be efficient in your daily tasks and stay healthy.

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And this is much less complicated than it sounds, the goal is to have social interactions with other people and not to stay locked up at home all day. So here are a few examples of what you could actually do to stay active:

Work remotely from somewhere else:

Co-working space

This is a great place to work remotely from. It’s a one of the best if not the best alternatives to working from you home setup because you can at the same time focus on what you do and meet some new people. Choosing to work from a co-working space at least some days a week, will let you get out an meet new people that might be helpful while focusing on your tasks at the same time.

Local Library

If you’re a student, using your Uni Library is one of the best things to do. You’ll have access to a lot of ressources and be able to work in groups easier than working from home. If you didn’t have the opportunity to experience this as a student you can still do it now by going to the nearest Library and subscribing to a membership. You can always decide to go there in case you want to borrow books or work in a better atmosphere than alone at home.

Coffee shop

Kill two birds with one stone and take your laptop with you (if you have one) in the morning when going out for your cup of coffee. If you’re not already doing it, it’s not to late to start, try it out once or twice and see if it is something you enjoy. This way you’ll be able to enjoy your favourite coffee while working at the same time, without having to speed back home and maybe even meeting with some of your colleagues or friends.

A co-worker’s house

If you built a nice relationship with one of your co-workers and you get along pretty well, why not work together from time to time. The aim is not to live with him forever but maybe meet al least once a week or every two weeks and work on the mutual project you have. This way you’ll be able to inteact better and be more efficient in what you do.

Do some physical activity:

Find a sports club you like

Either you like going to the gym or practicing any type of sports or activity, go for it, find a club that you like and become a member. You’ll be able to practice your favourite physical activity while exchanging and meeting with new people at the same time. Chose to go there at least twice a week (if you can) so that you have a regular activity.

Go for walks in your neighborhood

If you don’t want to interact with people that often, and seing your friends and family during weekends is more that enough for you, this is an activity for you. Having social interaction does not mean that you have to meet with someone on purpose, going out for a walk is more than enough. This will allow you to have an amount of physical activity for the day, see some new people and even know your neighborhood better.

Simply go out and explore your city

If you live in a new city and you’d like to know more about it and learn about some nice places, going for a walk around it can be a good idea. You won’t be able to see the whole city at once (especially if you live in capitals or big US cities) but setting yourself objectives and discovering new parts of the city recurrently can be a good way to get you out of the house and exercise at the same tim.

Go visit some places during the weekend

Same concept here, but this time you have more time which means that you can plan nicer things and go further away from your home. Try to go see the surroundings of where you live and discover new places outside the city.

Spend time with your friends:

Play some video games with them after work

No need to go out to have fun and interact with people. If you don’t feel like meeting with your friends in real life, you can always decide to meet the virtually and play some video games together. Choose the game, your team, and have some fun with people across the globe.

Go out with them

If you don’t like going out alone, ask your friends to come with you. Whether it’s for the daily cup of coffee, your lunch or after you’ve finished your day of work, meet with your friends and go have some fun together. You can chose to do whatever you like, from going for a walk, to a move or even going to a bar. Have some fun with them to recharge you batteries for the next day or the whole week.

Make some plans for the weekend

Instead of visiting some place alone, ask your friends to come with you on an adventure. Plan a nice activity in or around your city or even chose to go for a city break somewhere outside the country. The only thing that matter is going out and having some fun with them so that you can relax and stop thinking about work at least for a few days.

Play some sports with them

If you don’t like to go to the gym and joining a club is not for you either, you can always play some sports with your friends. Wheter you chose to go play some tennis with your best friend or gather some more for a football game, go have some fun. This will allow you to have some physical activity while having fun with people you like at the same time, so it can only be beneficial for you.

As you may have understood being active does not only imply to have physical activity or forcing yourself to do things you don’t like. You can chose to stay at home for the most part and play some video games with your friends as long as you make sure to go out from time to time, either for fun, work or any other activity. Doing this will help you feel better, be more efficient at work and have a better focus on what you are supposed to do. The main aim is to help you get out and not stay cooped up at home doing nothing but working all day.

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