03 October 2022

How to set up your remote office properly?

Having a remote office can be essential or simply a way to work in a different atmosphere, one that is more relaxed, efficient, and fun. However, most people are afraid to invest in it because they do not know how they will use it. To make this transition easier, we recommend starting small with just one or two items and setting up your remote office properly until you feel comfortable.

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There are some simple steps to follow in building your own remote setup:

First, find a good sport around your house:

It is essential for your remote office to be comfortable and pleasant. You want to make sure that you have a good place and that it has everything you need. It is best if you can find a space away from the living room or any noisy part of your house so that the noise does not disturb you. You should also make sure there are no distractions around, so basically, not TV or any other thing that you don’t need for work and that might distract you.

Then chose the right accessories for your desk:

After you found the right place and installed your desk, it is time to assemble your setup. You should make sure that you have all the accessories you need, such as a chair, keyboard, and mouse. If you are going to work remotely on a regular basis, it is best if you invest in a good computer monitor so that your eyes do not get tired and you can work comfortably. Also, if you chose to use your laptop as your primary tool, for now, make sure to have a stand where to place it so that you can create a double monitor setup, which is far more practical. If you want to go the extra mile, it is recommended that you choose a chair that fits your body well and can support your back. You should also make sure that it has armrests so that they do not bother you while using your keyboard and mouse. Some people prefer standing desks, but if you are going to work remotely on a regular basis, this may not be the best option for you.

The next step is to use adapted hardware:

No need to buy a $3000 desktop if your only tasks involve using social media and Microsoft Office. Also, keep in mind that if the setup is only ephemeral and you have to go to the office some days a week, choosing a laptop is a better alternative. The last thing you want is to be stuck with a computer that does not fit your needs. However, if you have the opportunity to choose a device tailored to your needs and budget, it will be much more pleasant to work with it. For the other peripherals, opt for the wireless option to use at home so that you can create an ergonomic setup allowing you to have a nice posture and more space on your desk.

Finally, make it your own:

To feel comfortable while working you have to make your setup look as you would like to. Add a personal touch to it depending on your taste and preferences. You can choose some RGB lights, plants, books, figurines, stickers, or even keep it as minimalist as you can. If you’re a gamer, add some gaming accessories like your favorite mouse or keyboard. You can also use the space under your desk to store some of them. If you have some extra money, don’t hesitate to invest in a monitor arm or standing desk. It will make the difference between sitting and working like a boss! You have to be comfortable and relaxed while working. After all, it’s your home office and you should feel at home there.

As you can see creating your own work setup can be a bit challenging especially when you’re only getting started. But with a little bit of patience and creativity, you can make it happen! Just remember that your workspace should always be organized and clean so that everything looks nice and tidy.

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