26 July 2022

The process of working with us.

We don't want to be mean, but an idea is worth nothing without execution. Most ideas take risks, and those we work with take opportunities.

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An early-stage product requires agility which we provide at each level.

We focus on speed and results, we provide fast intervention and a wide range of expertise, from UI/UX & design to development, on​line marketing and support.

We’ll begin with the concept phase and guide you through product planning, vision, design, development, product testing, and smooth delivery.

We use a systematic approach to create your MVP fast and on budget. We assist you in fast launching and validating the product’s aspects so that your business may expand as soon as it is ready.

1. First contact

It all begins with a FREE phone call.

You request a FREE consultation call, and one of our highly skilled Product Owners will assist you in thinking through your concept and determining the best method to create it.

You can do so right here: request call!

2. 15 minutes call

We will set-up the meeting call to discuss your vision for your desired product. If we consider that we are compatible in order to deliver it at its best, we will discuss further details and start planning it right away!

3. Team set-up

For each project, we set a team of highly skilled programmers that will be in charge of your MVP. We collaborate with the sharpest and brightest tech people to deliver high-quality tech architecture. This team will be responsive throughout the whole collaboration and will be available for any questions.

4. Work on the project

We offer the expertise of their strategists to create and realize business goals in order to transform the client’s concept into a profitable digital product ready to dominate the industry. Therefore, we take our clients through the whole process, from building the strategy all the way to delivering the product.

From the back-end to the user interface design, we will make sure to keep you updated with every stage of the product. You will be in constant touch with the Product Manager designated for your business.

5. Testing and deployment

Now, it’s time to actually test the project. With the quality assurance (QA) experts that we provide, we will make sure to deliver a bug-free app for your business. We do this by repeatedly implementing their feedback and collaborating with the assigned team for your project. The QA process begins as soon as the first features are introduced. To ensure high quality, we do manual and automated software testing following each update.

6. Maintenance

Your digital product’s app performance will be regularly analyzed and updated to ensure that no bugs or unforeseen difficulties reach users. We make recommendations based on data on how to boost traffic and end-user experience. From this point of view, we take user experience very seriously.

Depending on the project, our programmers are flexible when it comes to the technologies that we use, such as Ruby on Rails, NodeJS, Keras, Jupyter, Hadoop, Spark, CSS, MySQL, Bootstrap, React, React-Native and so on. We offer so many possible technologies in order to make sure to meet the client’s expectations and deliver the final product in the best possible manner.

As startup founders with a corporate background, we have seen many of the challenges from both sides.

We understand that a successful product requires more than just technology, thus we will constantly evaluate your idea from a strategic view.

We hope you will find this article useful before you start working with us.

If you want some specific details about how we can help you or if you want a piece of advice from professionals, please contact us directly and we are happy to jump on a FREE consulting call.

Just go to dutyventures.com/meet and schedule a FREE call with us!

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