30 August 2022

Here are 5 things you need on your desk as a remote software developer

Usually, people tend to spend somewhere around half a day working at a desk. Considering that this is also the case for software developers, in terms of meeting your natural desire to have everything that you need with you while working, you should have some of the most common items with you, so that you do not feel the need to go out of your room/office every single second.

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Based on our experience as remote workers, this is what we personally recommend having on your desk:

1. Large screen monitor

We believe that it is worth investing in an extra monitor if you are working from a laptop. A larger screen could improve your productivity and task efficiency, as it reduces window management time on a significant level. Of course you might work just the same without one, but it will be easier to use your browsers, apps and platforms.

2. At least one organizer set

We all have a bunch of stuff on our desks that make them messy. This is why everybody needs at least one organizer set with several compartments, so you can place everything there in a smart way. Depending on your necessities, you can put your pencils and other office supplies there, but also some napkins, a fidget spinner or whatever else you need but don’t know where to store it.

3. Headphones

You don’t know when you will need your headphones, but you know you will need them, so you better keep them close. Is it noisy outside? Do you wanna play your favourite playlist? Do you have an online meeting soon? There are plenty of occasions when it would be useful to have them nearby, you never know when you need them.

4. Water bottle/cup

Everybody knows how important it is to stay hydrated, so there is no point in us explaining it. Sometimes, it happens that we simply forget to drink water because we are too focused on a task. Having a water bottle or a cup on your desk will remind you to drink water on an unconscious level, which will keep you on track with your daily life.

5. Something personal

Even though your desk is supposed to be “formal” or at least “corporate” to fit as a workspace environment, it doesn’t have to be blank or neutral. It belongs to you, and you should leave your mark on it. It can be a framed photo with you family or friends, a customized mousepad or even a fluffy toy! Decorate it as much as you want: it gives your desk some character and you will enjoy sitting there more.

Regardless of your online/offline format of working, your desk at your workspace is still yours, so why not make it a nice place to be? As software developers, we stay quite some time at our desks and it’s nice to keep them clean and organized. A lot of programmers have cool desk set-ups and it became a trend to have interesting gadgets or accessories.

We also like to upgrade our set-ups from time to time and be up-to-date with the latest trends. We believe it creates a sense of belonging with what we are doing . If you need someone to help you with your tech product or business or if you want a piece of advice from tech professionals, please contact us directly and we are happy to jump on a FREE consulting call.

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