25 September 2022

How to stay healthy while working remotely

Working remotely or even working from the office often rhymes with seating at your desk for very long hours, which is not that great for your body. And to be able to make it past 40 without having any health issues or back problems we highly suggest being active during the day.

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If being active can prove to be quite hard when working in an office due to the environment you’re in which is not allowing you to get up and go for a walk or chose to take a break and go to the gym. This is much easier to do while working remotely, you can choose to take a small break during the day to get up from your chair and do something else.

So, staying healthy seems that hard, neither on the physical nor on the mental side.

For your mental health, as we like to remind you there are 2 main things that you can do:

Take breaks during the workday:

This will allow you to stay focused and productive while allowing you to disconnect from your daily tasks for some time. By doing this you will reduce procrastination and keep motivated to work throughout the whole day. If you want to read more about this, check our last blog post: https://blog.dutyventures.com/blog/2022-09-14-take-a-break/

Create your routine

Creating a healthy routine - the one where you wake up earlier than 5 minutes before starting your day and take advantage of this time to do an activity that is important to you, or simply to have breakfast – is also really important to have a good productive day and feel motivated to complete all the tasks you have planned for the day. Now, let’s talk about the main topic of this article, physical health. On this side, you have a lot of different choices depending on how much you usually work and how motivated you are when it comes to physical activities. You could: Exercise before or after work: It can be anything as long as you do something, you can choose to go for a morning walk, especially if you live in a beautiful place, get a gym membership, go for a run, or do any other activity that you like. This can be done first thing in the morning after you wake up so that you start your day in the best condition, or at the end of the day to mark its end, it depends on your preferences.

Do quick workouts:

Get up from your chair and do some simple fast home workouts. For this, you can create a list by yourself (if you have enough experience) or chose from the numerous apps that you can find on the App Store or Google Play. It can be anything from 30-day challenges to 10 minutes workout plans, or even some stretching. The goal is to be active during your workday and not spend it all seated at your desk.

Get a pet:

But there are some rules here. First, don’t get a pet just because you want to become more active if you know you can’t take care of it. And second, get a pet that is big enough and that you can preferably walk outside. So, a dog would be the best fit, and this way you’ll have no other choice than to go out for a walk at least twice a day.

Do chores:

Getting things done around your house can also help you get up from your desk and be a bit active. So instead of leaving your dirty plates in the sink for the whole day or waiting for your day to end so that you can do laundry, take a break during the day to take care of those. This way you’ll have more time for yourself at the end of your day. As you see there are a lot of different ways to stay healthy and be active during the day. The most important for you is not to overdo it once and then never exercise again, try and create a daily routine that is not too time-consuming and that allows you to at least have some activity.

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